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    El Celler de la Boqueria

    Celler de la Boqueria is a family business, with two stores surrounding the Boqueria Market. To offer to all our customers with a great selection, we have about 1200 references on wine, sparkling white wine (aka cava) and liqueurs with the criterion of experience and professionalism.

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    El Mas del Mercader

    Mas del Mercader is a family business born with the desire to make public one of the autochthonous product most characteristic of our land: extra virgin olive oil. Our background comes from the world of olive and almond cultivation. This is why, benefiting from the experience of working in a privileged environment such as the Boqueria Market, we decided to open a new store specialized in cooking oils.

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    Nuts and spices Morilla

    With over 40 years of experience, we can say we pioneered in the sale of nuts in bulk at the Boqueria Market as a specialized store.

    Our products come from all-over the world, yet we dedicate a special attention to products of our land: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, figs… promoting at the same time local trade.

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    Torroneria Xocolatl

    You will find a selected variety of artisan chocolate, as tablet or bonbon, in bulk, as well as coverings of different percentages and flavors.

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El celler de la boqueria
  • El Celler de la Boqueria

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